San Marino School Foundation Annual Report 2015-2016

The President’s Letter

Dear Community, Parents, and Friends,

As parents of children in the San Marino School District, Eva and I have come to appreciate the importance that schools of the highest standards can have, not just on the lives of our children, but on the whole community. Many of us recognize that regardless of whatever else we may do or achieve now, successfully passing life’s baton to well-prepared children is our first priority. Our partners in this goal are the teachers and staff who we entrust daily to educate our children and prepare them to meet tomorrow’s challenges head on. This Annual Report is dedicated to all our teachers.

For the San Marino Schools Foundation (“SMSF”) our community’s children are our first priority too. Today, our students compete for college and life opportunities with others both nationally and internationally. Continuing to achieve academic excellence and provide advantages to our children in the current public school funding climate is a constant challenge. With government education funding both insufficient and uncertain, our community must reliably step forward each and every year to “close the gap.”

Throughout its 36-year history, community generosity has allowed the Foundation to provide over 45 million dollars benefiting the students of the San Marino Unified School District. The Foundation serves as a vital conduit between our community and the School District to raise private funds and deploy these to their highest and best use.

The Foundation focuses the support and resources of San Marino’s parents, residents, businesses and community organizations directly to the place that makes the biggest impact on our children: hiring additional teachers. Donations to SMSF funded 25 teachers across our four campuses, teachers the District would not have been able to retain otherwise. This resulted in smaller class sizes and broader, innovative curriculum offerings.

This year, we also completed the first year of our Community and Business Partnership program, whereby businesses and realtors showed their support of our local schools through the Banner Campaign on Huntington Drive. We greatly appreciate this community- wide effort.

San Marino’s schools are the hallmark of our city. Generations of students have passed through our District’s classrooms, then to college and on to later success. San Marino’s civic reputation and strong real estate market have continuously risen in part on the extraordinary quality of its public schools, with many families choosing San Marino specifically for the excellent education their children will receive. We are justifiably proud of our public schools, and are very thankful for the foresight and generosity of those who have preceded us.

With our District’s ongoing success it is easy for us to become complacent. However, we cannot take our incredible schools for granted. Every year, a robust and generous Annual Campaign is essential to the District and to our children. To that end, this year:

– THE FOUNDATION ASKS FOR 100% PARTICIPATION of all families with children attending the schools. A donation of $2,500 per child will “close-the-gap” between government funding and academic excellence. Make your donation or pledge during online First Day Packets which begins August 3, 2016. Please help us get the school year off to a great start!

– FOR THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOLS, we need community-wide support from both residents and businesses. We are asking for a $1,000 contribution which can be made immediately online at our website or by mailing in a check in the enclosed return envelope. Your generosity is an investment in our children and will ensure our continued strong housing market.

The following pages feature the stories of educators that exemplify the energy, experience and enthusiasm of all those who shape the lives of our children. They are pro les of inspiring excellence which should inspire us all. The philanthropy of donors to the Foundation represents a 36-year tradition of giving back to the community while paying it forward. Our children benefit, as does the next generation. Thank you for being a part of this culture of giving. Please renew your support and invite others to help us reach our goal of 100% participation in our Annual Campaign.

John Simpson, President

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