A Message From SMSF President John Simpson

Dear Friends,

With another school year drawing to a close, on behalf of the San Marino Schools Foundation, I would like to again thank the Foundation’s many generous donors for continuing to support its mission: funding teaching positions and programs that enrich the experience of San Marino students, and that help sustain the San Marino Unified School District’s longstanding tradition of excellence.  The passion we all share for our students will be on full display at the Foundation’s upcoming annual Donor Recognition Party, as well as the Foundation’s fast-approaching annual Yard Sign Campaign!

As I reflect on my three years as President of the Foundation, which will come to a close this June, I know that San Marino Schools continue to face many challenges, because we receive substantially less state funding from Sacramento than other school districts. Thus, we rely directly on our community and parents to close the gap between lower levels of State funding and the cost to educate our children.  Thank you to all who have stepped up to meet that challenge.

The Foundation looks forward to continuing to play a vital role in meeting these challenges.  It welcomes not only the community’s donations, but also its input and ideas.  While the Foundation already makes its financial information public, both in its Annual Report and on its website (https://smsf.org/what-we-do/), it continues to study how it can provide our donors, and the community at large, better visibility into how Foundation funds are used by the District.  New granting procedures, approved by the Foundation Board and implemented earlier this year, have provided additional layers of accountability and transparency regarding how Foundation money is used by the District.

The volunteers who serve as Foundation Trustees are just like you and me – residents and parents who care deeply about their community and about the quality of the schools their children attend.  The Foundation is not about any one person; it is about fulfilling the critical mission of giving our children the resources and opportunities to thrive in our schools.  I have no doubt that the Foundation will continue to advance that mission under the direction of its new incoming President, Chris Maling.

Thank you for the opportunity and honor of working with you all.


Warmest Regards,

John Simpson

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