San Marino Schools Foundation Recognizes Community Support

San Marino Schools Foundation (SMSF) will be recognizing and saying thanks to supporters of San Marino Schools at its Donor Recognition Party on May 12, 2018 and through the placement of lawn signs, which will be out on display between May 17-29.

“We want to use these opportunities to publicly thank those families that have stepped up to the plate,” said John Simpson, President of SMSF. “Donations from the community directly support teachers and critical programs that make the school district number 1 in the state.”

Due to the state’s school funding formula, San Marino Schools receive approximately $2,500 less per student than the state average. SMSF asked families and the community to make up this difference – approximately 500 families responded to this challenge. SMSF thanks these donors by hosting a Donor Recognition Party. In addition, confirmed dignitaries include Congresswoman Judy Chu and Assemblymember Ed Chau.

Another visible show of support is through lawn signs. Volunteers will be placing lawn signs on the lawns of donors who gave at least $100. Lawn signs will be placed beginning May 17 and will be taken down on May 29.

“Seeing whole streets lined with lawn signs is inspiring,” continued Simpson. “We are so fortunate to live in a community that understands the importance of our school system and are willing to contribute both financially and their time.”

For those wanting to attend the event or receive a lawn sign, SMSF is still accepting donations. They can be made by calling SMSF’s office at (626) 299-7014 or online at

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