Don’t Forget About Our Town Hall

“What recourse do students have when one or more teachers regularly assign much more homework than the District guidelines?”

“Does SMHS allow students to apply college class credit towards high school credits or as a replacement for a high school class? If not, why and what is being done to change the policy, when it is allowed at other high schools?”

“The District will be adopting new science curriculum designed for NGSS, and there are cost differences among curricula approved by the California State Board of Education. Will cost be a factor in the adoption? If a high quality program exceeds the curriculum budget, can the Foundation and/or PTAs fund the gap?”

Mr. Jason Kurtenbach, SMUSD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, as well as, a panel of SMUSD School Principals and Teachers will answer questions like these, and more, at the Foundation and SMUSD School Board hosted Town hall meeting on Curriculum and Instruction.

To RSVP please visit To submit any questions, or to vote on already submitted questions, please visit

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