Congratulations to Michiko Lee!

The San Marino schools’ PTA and PTA Council held its 89th annual PTA Founder’s Day ceremony on Wednesday, March 13th honoring members of the community who have selflessly contributed their time and talents volunteering to both their schools and community.

The San Marino Schools Foundation is proud to have one of the Founder’s Day honorees as a Trustee, Dr. Michiko Lee, who received the Valentine Elementary School Honorary Service Award Wednesday evening. Besides being an SMSF Trustee for three years, and currently serving as the Membership Committee Co-Chair, Michiko has also been heavily involved in District organizations, including Valentine Elementary School’s PTA President last year, the incoming PTA Council President for the 2019-2020 year, and Chair of the Academics Advisory Committee.

 It is apparent that Michiko always steps up when called for action, and is a wonderful example of all the parents who are dedicated and passionate about ensuring their children have access to the educational opportunities and experiences they deserve.

We are very excited for Michiko’s Founder’s Day recognition and extend our warmest congratulations to her, and all the other award recipients.

Valentine: Ellen Tsang (former SMSF Trustee), Michiko Lee, Zarana Patel
Carver: Lauren Shen, Jennifer Park, Jane Chon
Huntington Middle School: Brent Bilvado, Jenny Yessaian, Rob Miller
San Marino High School: Ann Boutin, Helen Kim Spitzer (SMSF Associate Trustee), Eve Estrada
PTA Council: Lisa Wang, Yvonne Cheng (SMSF Associate Trustee), Ruben Hernandez, Nam Jack (SMSF Associate Trustee)

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