SMSF Grants Overview

Slide from one of the presentations during the November 14, 2018 Finance Town Hall

On May 22, 2018, the San Marino Schools Foundation awarded grants totaling over $2.14 million to the San Marino Unified School District (SMUSD) that directly funded teachers and various enrichment programs.

The San Marino Schools Foundation prioritizes its funding support to hire and retain highly qualified teachers. SMSF devoted over $2 million for 21 full-time teaching positions across all four campuses – four at Valentine, four at Carver, five at Huntington Middle School, and eight at San Marino High School – maintaining small class sizes for students to have more individualized attention from teachers, who can have a positive, lasting impact on their future.

In addition, SMSF allocated $141,865 to help launch new and innovative enrichment programs throughout the District:

  1. $107,000 for the district-wide Wellness Initiative program, which aims to address the social and emotional needs of our students. Some of this grant helped fund the newly opened Titan Wellness Center at the High School. The center is a safe space for all high school students to go and get a break from the stress they face in their daily lives. There will also be various programs hosted there, including the Everyday Heroes lunchtime presentations, highlighting the wonderful things that ordinary people do every day.
  2. $19,450 for Mindfulness Programs, which runs in correlation with the Wellness Initiative, but focuses specifically on mindfulness resources, programs, and instructions at Huntington Middle School. School and emotional stress can hit a student as young as when they are in elementary school. This program provides middle school students with the tools and guidance they need to live successful and fulfilling lives, in both high school and beyond.
  3. $8,415 for First Lego League Program supplies at both Carver and Valentine Elementary. The First Lego League Program is a STEM-based program introducing young students to solving real-world problems by building Lego-based robots.  Working in a team, students apply real-world math and science concepts, and research challenges facing today’s scientists. While learning STEM basics, participants also learn about critical thinking, team building, and presentation skills.
  4. $7,000 for the Caltech Research Course at SMHS, which is a unique course offered as students work in collaboration with professors and teaching assistants at Caltech to develop research in areas of Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, and Computer Science.

All of this possible was made possible through the generous support of our community.

You can donate online, call the SMSF offices at 626.299.7014, or by sending in a check to 1665 West Drive in San Marino.

All donations go directly to supporting our San Marino schools, students, and community. Great Schools and Great Communities go hand in hand.

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