SMSF Will Recognize Supporters Throughout May

The San Marino Schools Foundation will recognize and thank our supporters throughout May. We will first acknowledge all Partner and above donors at this Saturday’s Donor Recognition Party, and then we will acknowledge all $100 and above supporters through our Yard Sign campaign beginning May 16.

“We use these opportunities to publicly thank our supporters who continue to empower excellence within our schools and communities,” SMSF President, Chris Maling stated. “Donations from the community and parents help further the quality of education that SMUSD has provided to its students for generations.”

Due to the California state funding formula, San Marino receives $2,500 less per student than the California State average. That is where the community comes in. SMSF, every year, asks community members and parents to fill this funding gap, and this year approximately 500 families responded to this call to action. These families are thanked and publicly recognized at the annual Donor Recognition Party happening this Saturday, May 4.

In addition to the Donor Party, we publicly thank supporters thank supporters during our annual Yard Sign Campaign. SMSF Trustees and volunteers place yard signs on the lawns of donors who gave at least $100 during this fiscal year. Yard Signs will be placed starting May 16 and taken down May 28.

“The Yard Sign Campaign is one of the most important campaigns of the year. Seeing streets lined with signs is an inspiring reminder of how supportive and involved this community is in our schools and educational advancements,” Maling concluded.

There is still time to donate to receive an invitation to the Donor Party, as well as, to be included in our Yard Sign campaign. You can give by calling the SMSF office at 626.299.7014, mailing a check made out to the San Marino Schools Foundation to 1665 West Drive in San Marino, or by donating online at

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