2019 Annual Donor Recognition Party

The San Marino Schools Foundation recognized its strong supporters during its annual Donor Recognition Party this past Saturday, May 4, 2019. Approximately 200 people attended the event at the home of former San Marino parents and strong community supporters Gail and James Ellis.

The evening, hosted on “Star Wars Day,” had an aurora and theme of looking into the future and ensuring that the San Marino schools’ future continues to remain excellent and bright. Using this theme throughout the program presentation, Chris Maling, SMSF President, thanks to all our SMSF supporters and our new $40k and $100k donors who reached this lifetime giving threshold this year. These families include Sean Ky and Richard Lord, Amy and Mark Yee, Shawna and James Phelan, Angela Hsu and Victor Sze, Kimi Tamura and Ted Yu, Alison and Erik Moller, Mor-San Chan and Charles Wang, Rosangela and Raymond Chen, Annie and Paul Brassard, Kimberly Siegmund and John Ryan, Emily and Stephen Linden, Christina and Matthew Pink, Allison Yim and Michael Kwok, Christin and Timothy Yoo, and Jeri and Tim Wright.

The program concluded with special recognition of Chris Maling from the current SMSF Vice President of Administration Larry Yang who spoke of Maling’s continued dedication to SMSF’s growth during a rather tough term, which included a School Board election and Superintendent search.

A big thank you goes to the SMSF Donor Recognition and Events Committee Chair, Michele Canon and the rest of her committee: Alice Song, Michele Esbenshade, Richard Lord, Sabrina Kong, and Issa Nesnas.

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