Yard Signs Are Coming This Week!

We are LESS than one week away from yard signs being planted! If you haven’t donated yet, there is still time to receive a yard sign. All you need to do is give a minimum of $100 to our Annual Campaign and a yard sign will be planted in your yard either Thursday or Friday. 

Don’t know how to donate? You can visit our website at https://smsf.org/donate, you may also walk a check made out to SMSF to our offices located at 1665 West Drive in San Marino, or you may call the Foundation Office at 626-299-7014 and donate over the phone. 

Our goal this year is to raise at least $100,000 during our yard sign campaign, and we have already raised $20,000 today! We need YOUR help to reach out goal. Make sure to donate to support our children’s educational excellence and to be a part of San Marino’s beloved yard sign tradition!

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