Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dads in our community. We hope everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing Father’s Day weekend.

Without the wonderful San Marino fathers and parents, our community wouldn’t be the same. Many of you chose San Marino schools because they are the best in the state of California. As parents, you are aware that you play a vital role in your child’s educational journey. Donating to SMSF can ensure that your child receives the best educational opportunities possible. Donations help fund teaching positions across all four campuses and support various enrichment programs through the District, including the Wellness Initiative and Titan Wellness Center at the High School.

SMSF’s 18-19 fiscal year ends two weeks from Father’s Day (June 30th), and we still need everyone’s help in reaching our $2 million commitment for teachers. To donate, please visit our website here, call the Foundation Office at 626-299-7014 and give over the phone, or mail in a check to SMSF’s office located at 1665 West Drive in San Marino.

Thank you to all our 2018-2019 Annual Campaign donors for getting us closer to our goal. We appreciate your consideration and commitment to SMSF.

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