The Important Difference

Why is donating to SMSF, as well as, other school organizations necessary?

Without the support of our SMSF donors, the PTA/PTSA, and local parcel taxes, teaching positions and programs across all four schools in SMUSD would suffer. Due to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), SMUSD receives some of the lowest state funding in California – approximately $2,500 less, per student, than the state average.

Donations directly to the schools, PTA, and PTSA support various school-level programs including: Art, VAPA program support, field trips, after-school athletics at HMS, library and technology materials, media arts programs at SMHS, noon/after school supervisors at both Carver and Valentine, emergency supplies, and much more. See slide below for a more detailed breakdown.

Slide taken from the 2018 SMSF sponsored Financial Townhall.

The San Marino Schools Foundation’s yearly Annual Campaign focuses mainly on raising $2 million for full-time credentialed teaching positions. With the help of SMSF and the parcel taxes, SMUSD can fill the funding gap for teachers left open due to LCFF. Without these two primary local funding sources, SMSF funding 12% of the teaching positions during the 2018-2019 school year, class sizes would skyrocket – some reaching into the mid-70s.

SMSF has committed to $2 million for teachers, and we still need your help reaching our goal for the 18-19 fiscal year. There are nine days left in our fiscal year, and we are still short of our $2 million commitment for teachers. Every donation matters.

The San Marino Schools Foundation, local parcel taxes, parent donations directly to the schools, PTA, PTSA, and various other school-affiliated organizations all support students on their educational journey, ensuring they have the same opportunities that the students who came before them had. SMSF and the parcel taxes mainly fund full-time teaching positions, while other school organizations ensure that current students continue to have the same opportunities that previous generations of SMUSD students had. Both full-time teachers and school programs are essential and vital to keeping our San Marino schools healthy and thriving.

None of this would be possible without all the generous supporters and volunteers throughout our community. Thank you for your continued support of our San Marino Schools.

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