Less Than One Week

We are less than ONE week away from the end of our 18-19 fiscal year, and we are still short of our $2 million commitment for teachers. 100% of donations given to SMSF positively impact all four San Marino schools. Donations raised during last year’s Annual Campaign funded 21 full-time teaching positions across the District. This helped keep class sizes reasonable and educational programs thriving.

The reason that supporting SMSF, and other local organizations, is essential is because of the Local Control Funding Formula, which results in SMUSD receiving some of the lowest funding amounts in the state. LCFF calculates state funding to districts based on specific student enrollment criteria: numbers of students on free or reduced lunch programs, students in foster youth programs, and/or number of English-language learner students. Districts with a higher number of students in any of these categories receive higher state funding. This is why we rely so heavily on parent and community support. SMUSD receives approximately $2,500 less, per student than the California state average and $5,000 less, per student, than LA Unified.

Organizations like SMSF and the PTA/PTSA are solely focused on closing this funding gap to ensure that San Marino schools continue to provide the educational opportunities that we have come accustomed to in San Marino. The vital difference between supporting SMSF and the local parcel taxes and the PTA/PTSA is simple: SMSF and the local parcel taxes are focused on funding full-time credentialed teaching positions throughout the District. PTA/PTSA is focused on school-based programs. Both teachers and programs are equally important and essential to a healthy school district.

SMSF’s fiscal year end on Sunday. If you have not supported yet, there is still time to donate. You may click here to donate through our website, you may call the Foundation Office at 626-299-7014 and donate over the phone, or you may drop off a check to our offices located at 1665 West Drive.

Thank you to everyone who has supported SMSF during the 2018-2019 Annual Campaign for your continued support and consideration.

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