Police & Fire Appreciation Luncheon

Congratulations to Police Officer Frank Calistro and Firefighter-Paramedic Russell Wilcox on being named the Police Offer and Firefighter of the Year. The San Marino Chamber of Commerce held its 12th Annual Pole and Fire Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday, September 26, 2019, in the San Marino City Center. This luncheon is an opportunity for the San Marino community to come together and honor and celebrate both our police and fire departments for their continued dedication and service to our community.

SMSF staff members, James Lau, Executive Director, and Sara Snider, Development Coordinator, along with SMSF Trustee Tina Siu were there to congratulate and celebrate with the police and fire department, as well as, various San Marino community members. What an amazing event!

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