Our Year-End Campaign Officially Begins!

With October officially over, November 1st signifies change. Halloween is done meaning preparation for Thanksgiving and the Holidays begin, colder weather is fast approaching, the first semester of school is already more than halfway over, and the end of 2019 is upon us.

We at the San Marino Schools Foundation look at November 1st as not just a sign of all these things to come, but also, the start to one of the busiest and most important campaigns of the year: our Year-End Campaign. Even though the end of 2019 might still seem far, SMSF has been preparing and planning for our year-end campaign since the beginning of October.

Why is an End-of-Year Campaign so important? Because it is estimated that the average amount donated to non-profits in November and December is $48 billion dollars! Also, in the U.S., 31% of all giving happens in December, 12% of that during the last three days of December.

As the holiday season and end of the year continues to approach, make sure to follow SMSF on Facebook, Instagram and our website to stay updated on continual campaign announcements!

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