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Every year, the San Marino Schools Foundation nominates and selects a small group of dedicated parents and community members to serve on its Board of Trustees. SMSF Trustees have the opportunity to affect real change within our schools by building strong relationships with the community, the school district, and fellow parents.

Our Board has a critical job – strategizing on how to improve our children’s education and experience while enrolled in SMUSD. Trustees do this through multiple channels – engaging our community, strategizing on fundraising strategies and streams, identify opportunities to raise additional funds to support new programs, planning recognition events, communicating closely with the District, and advocating the needs of our community and parents.

Are you interested in coming up with new fundraising strategies? Are you interested in helping to plan and execute events? Want to bring the community together with one common goal of continuing to empower educational excellence? Want to take a role in identifying the next generation of active SMSF Trustees who have the same goals as you? These are just some of the opportunities you will have if you serve as an SMSF Trustee.

Since our inception in 1980, SMSF has raised over $50 million in school funding. This money raised proves the importance of our goals: to provide financial support to SMUSD to give the student in San Marino the top-quality educational opportunities they deserve and require, despite low state and federal funding.

SMSF’s current Board is made up of 22 Trustees who are dedicated current or former parents committed to the vision of enacting excellence in San Marino schools. A small staff also supports SMSF.

What makes serving as a Trustee so important? The primary challenge that San Marino schools face – dwindling state funding due to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). LCFF focuses on helping disadvantaged communities and leaves districts like San Marino to make up the difference. Even though our schools receive some of the lowest funding in the state, San Marino has been ranked #1 in state testing for over 15 consecutive years. This is all made possible by the incredible and supportive community of parents and residents who make supporting their schools a priority.

If you are interested in bringing about change in our schools and learning more about being an SMSF Trustee, please contact our Executive Director, James Lau, at jlau@smsf.org or 626-299-7014.

每年,聖馬力諾學校基金會(San Marino Schools Foundation)都會提名並選出一些具有奉獻精神的家長和社區人士來擔任其董事會的成員。 SMSF的董事會成員們有機會通過與社區、學區和家長們建立牢固的關係,共同致力於給我們的學校帶來實質性的改變。

我們的董事會成員們擔負著至關重要的任務——制定策略,即孩子們在聖馬力諾學區就讀期間,在改善孩子們的教育和就讀經驗方面提供提供建議。 成員們通過多種渠道來參與這一過程,如:融入我們的社區;制定籌款策略和流程;尋找機會籌集更多的資金來支持新的課程;籌劃表彰活動;與學區保持密切地溝通;以及擁護社區和父母的需求等。

您有興趣幫助基金會醞釀新的募款計劃嗎?您有興趣參與募款活動的籌備嗎? 或是有興趣將社區成員團結在一起,為保持優良教育品質這一共同的目標而不斷努力嗎?您有興趣幫助基金會尋找與您的價值觀相同的繼任董事會成員嗎? 如果您成為董事會成員,這些只是您可以參與的各種機會的一部分。



為什麼成為董事會的成員是如此的重要呢? 聖馬力諾學校面臨的主要挑戰是由於地方管控資金公式(LCFF)而使來自州的教育經費減少。 LCFF專注於幫助處境不利的社區,並讓聖馬力諾相似的學區來平衡經費的不足。 當我們的學校拿到的經費在加州墊底的情況下,聖馬力諾學區仍連續十五年在加州標準測試中排名第一。 這不禁讓人感歎,是那些永遠把孩子們的教育放在首位的社區人士和家長們共同的努力和相互支持下才使這一切成為可能,欲了解更多關於成為董事會成員的詳細信息以及如何改善我們學生的教育資源,請聯繫基金會的執行董事James Lau先生,郵箱:jlau@smsf.org,電話:626-299-7014。

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