Double Your Impact!

With our year already more than halfway over, SMSF still needs the support of our parents and community to ensure we can fund 21 full-time teaching positions. One easy way to support SMSF is through Corporate Matching Gifts programs. Matching gifts are a type of charitable giving in which corporations and organizations financially match donations, made by their employees, to non-profit organizations. Most companies have matching gift programs – meaning that if you have made a donation to SMSF this year and haven’t requested a matching gift from your employer, there is a chance you can DOUBLE your donation!

The process is relatively simple. Once you have donated, you will need to request a matching gift form from your employer, either through the matching gifts or HR department. From there, your company will let SMSF know that you have made a request and ask for confirmation of the gift. Once the gift is confirmed, your company will donate directly to SMSF. Any donor who requests and receives a matching gift will get recognition for not only their original gift but for the matching contribution as well!

Most companies usually match donations 1:1. For example, if you have donated $2,500 to the Foundation and your employer matches 1:1 they will send us a donation of $2,500, resulting in your total giving for the year bumping up to $5,000. However, some extremely generous companies match 2:1 or even 3:1!

To learn more about matching gifts, please click here. You can also reach out to your HR department directly to see if your employer participates in matching gift programs. Remember, if they do, you can double your impact to SMSF and the students and teachers of San Marino!

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